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Our main range of products we supply are Fire and Gas Detection systems and Equipment. Fire and Gas detectors such as Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Beam Detector, Flame Detector, Gas Detector and Fire and Gas Panel are in range of our supply.






Beam Smoke Detector:


Beam Detector Made by SETRONIC VERONA of ITALY are fully supplied and supported by our company:



ILIA Beam Detector- ERHS0712




Suitable for use in all industrial and civil premises. Extremely easy to install and program and very inexpensive to assemble, wire up and maintain.The detector can be installed horizontally or vertically and can work at any angle.The integrated diaphragm permits a wide range of adjustments. Operating distance is 10 to 200 m.The ILIA detector consists of a Transmitter Unit, a Receiver Unit and a Beam Controller Unit for programming, setting and testing. The Beam Controller Unit is used to remotely manage the detector or detectors in the field using a single line.The Beam Controller Unit electronic base permits direct connection of two detector units; by means of an expansion circuit (SMLS), it is able to pilot up to 8 detectors connected together and a connection with two stub lines or by a closed loop. With this second typology the system continue proper working even if the cables are cut or in the case of a short circuit by the protection circuit inserted in each single detector. The controller is also available in the Dust version (CSRLS-2-DUST), suited to very difficult environments, using special VdS certified software that enables the detection threshold to be calculated up to the maximum limit permitted by standard EN54-12 without losing the principal characteristics of this model: producing early detection in any environment.






ARDEA Beam Detector - ARDEA S/2





ARDEA consist of a Transmitter unit and a receiver unit. It is very easy to install and set and very low installation and maintenance costs .The unit can be directed horizontally and vertically for any working angle with operating distance up to 200m and the maximum area admitted by the standard TS EN 54-14 of up to 1,600 m² per system. Casing is Anodized black aluminum.


The Transmitter and Receiver units are two independent pieces of equipment while the inter-face can be replaced by a control unit compatible with the detectors.

The Transmitter and Receiver units are connected by cables with the interface. The detector units are designed to be positioned at variable distances from the top of the roof or ceiling. The Transmitter unit sends a beam of infrared light to the wall opposite it. The cone of infrared light (IR) from the Transmitter crosses the protected area and picks up any indications of the begin-nings of a fire. These fire signs are collected and demodulated by the Receiver unit through a special telephoto lens and circuit.

Both units are designed to be easily aligned one to the other. The fire alarm is recognized and confirmed when there is either smoke, that reduces the carrier’s intensity in a specific way, between the Transmitter and Receiver unit, or by turbulence caused by a fire accompanied by smoke, or by the two phenomena occurring simultaneously, even in varying proportions to each other.




Explosion Proof Beam Detector - ARDEA EEXD -100




It consist of Transmitter unit, Receiver unit and Analysis and Verification Unit .Version S (only smoke) with two dedicated output for pre-alarm and alarm and SF version (smoke and fire) with separate alarm output. It is Extremely easy to install .Detector settings can be carried out at ground level by means of the UDC control unit with DIN guide Electrical test for the simulation of smoke and fire available from the ground at the UDC control unit .The unit can be directed horizontally and vertically for any working angle. Operating distance up to 100 m with the maximum area admitted by the standard TS EN 54-14 of up to 1600 m² per system 12V or 24 V DC power supply without switching .

Transmitter and Receiver in the ATEX version certified with a protection rating of IP66.

It is particularly suited to fire detection in the following locations: petrochemical installations and storages, gas storage depots, laboratories and places where materials are being worked with the danger of explosion.