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About Us:


Our company ARYA MIKAL FANN LTD. founded in 2011 as a Total Solution Provider and Integrator of Fire and Gas Detection Systems in Iran. Based on our key personnel years of experiences in this field, we are now able to offer different solutions for Fire and Gas Detection systems fulfilling cost effectiveness and technical adequacy.

Industrial plants mainly Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Power Plants have been dominantly core of our activities and experiences. Design, Supply, Installation ,Commissioning and Training are all what we do for our clients.

We have special knowledge and field experiences about Autronica brand due to our years of practical experiences in Iran with this well-known brand. We exclusively support any technical issues regarding Autronica Fire and Gas systems in Iran, including detail design, supply , installation and commissioning and maintenance.

Moreover we are able to Integrate Fire and Gas System, offering solutions based on other brands and even PLC based F&G systems satisfying most stringent requirements of Oil and Gas plants which are best suitable for process plants, refineries, energy production factories, governmental and public buildings, naval installations and many more.